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Why Pécsisitter?

Because we know what needs a Parent! Child! Elder!

"As long as we keep our eyes ... you: "you get to work on time" "feel free to go home" "you can finish the job on time" "You can say yes to the invitation" "you can relax" "you know grandma is safe"

"Caring Freely!"

Foglaláshoz jelentkezz be kérlek!

Our goal is to build a simplified, transparent, fast supervision system in and around Pécs.
Our team consists of reliable people, selected to the best of our knowledge, who love their work. We are local and we want to make your daily life easier, soothe your soul.
Our supervisors are periodically involved in team building, we provide them with continuous training opportunities.
We are mothers ourselves, we know how difficult it is to entrust our child / loved one to others and we want you to not with anxiety, but with a calm psyche, even relaxation, your supervised period would pass.


Helping the elderly is very important to us. Let's see how we can help you. 

Heti egy-két alkalmas Pillantás csomagunkban „ránézünk” szerettedre, megkérdezzük mire lenne szüksége, hogy van, elég meleg/hideg van e a lakásban, hozott e valamilyen értesítőt a postás amiért el kell menni, van e valami javítandó a lakásban/házban vagy csak egyszerüen milyen a hangulata aznap. Nem mindenki tud erre időt szakítani olyan rendszerességel mint ahogy szeretné, de a törődés így is érzékelhető.

With our kalauz Package , we’re happy to help with office matters, whether it’s a license renewal or paying construction tax. We don’t have a problem if you have to line up a lot or explain something several times.

In our Slepp package , we’re happy to accompany your elder to a doctor, hairdresser, or even the market, take care of him at the intersection, and get him a seat on the bus.

In our Óhaj-Sóhaj Package , we’re open to any request, whether it’s shopping or a lunch menu where home delivery isn’t possible.

Vizit package. - Although there are obstacles at the moment, but if you need hospital treatment for a loved one and you are far away or you can’t visit regularly, we even go in every day and ask if there is what is missing, what should be brought in, taken home.

Our favorite is the Kikapcs Package . Because since someone is alone, why not go to the cinema or the theater, why not take a good walk in the park? Of course, man alone has a much lower affinity for this, we understand that. We are a nice, good audience and are happy to join these programs. If necessary, we go to the library with a book of blood or we also play cards.

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If you sometimes have a problem with whom you entrust your children to, check out what we have to offer. 

  1. We are online bookable and can be booked anytime with a few clicks.
  2. You can book with us through all-inclusive package deals , which provide escorts for children to school or kindergarten, or even day care with foreign language tutoring.
  3. Közösségként foglalkozásokat tartunk tematikusan korosztályokra lebontva, ahol a gyerekek és a szülők egyaránt megismerhetik Sittereinket.
  4. Our teachers are up-to-date and friendly, even in catching up with lower grades .
  5. We are available 0-24 hours any day of the week, with up to two hours of supervision

Foglaláshoz jelentkezz be kérlek!



Are you looking for a nurse or elderly caregiver in and around Pécs?