MIért vagyunk mások?

  • For us not (only) the paper matters. We believe that not only will someone become a good professional if they have as many qualifications as possible. Of course, that also matters, but with us, everyone deserves to prove their aptitude and knowledge.
  • Because we've already gone through the background check, a face-to-face meeting, multiple acquaintances. Believe me, what was important to you, was important to us as well.

  • Because we’re open to all pedagogical trends, we don’t turn a blind eye when someone raises their child according to the Waldorf or Montessori principles, and from us this is what he expects.
  • Because if you ask to, there won't be a TV turned on , but your kids won’t be bored either.

  • Because our Sitters aren’t scared to have to replace the baby's washable diaper .

  • Because without a first aid course , we won’t allow anyone to be supervised.
  • Because we pay attention to the elderly, our Sitters wear a mask , disinfect regularly .

We guarantee that our Sitters:

Are you unsure? Would you like to meet our Sitters in person?

Let's see the possibilities:


You know when you want to book , but you require you to meet the Sitter longer. No worries. Book an appointment for the period you want to monitor and its first hour is free, (this is an introduction) but you will have to pay for the additional booked hour. You can also request the acquaintance on a separate day, but only for a free hour.

Suitable for moms who has more routine but want to be present with the Sitter for the first time. 


You’re not sure about the booking yet , but you’re open and would like to meet the Sitter at an outside location. We understand. Here you have the opportunity to change your mind without any financial cost, or ask another Sitter if you do not fit together. One hour of acquaintance is free.

Suitable for moms who have difficulty opening or who have a more shy child. 

Whatever you decide, the first thing with us is to make your child feel safe.

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