I am Iris, a dietetic student at the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Pécs. I really like to bake and cook, experiment with new recipes and of course a health-conscious, eco-friendly diet and lifestyle is very important to me. As a gluten sensitive person, I would be happy to help children with food allergies deal with their situation.
I love to go on trips, travel and have new experiences with my family and friends.
singing, playing the piano has always been a plus in my life, and I’m happy to take advantage of that among kids.
To this day, I love fairy tales and cartoons, I’m always available for home cinema!
I think I’m a very conscientious, calm and funny individual who adapts to the kids ’style and habitus.
I speak English every day because my partner is a native English speaker, so I’m very I would be happy for him to be able to pass on this knowledge to the children a little more if they wanted to. In addition, I am happy to take tutoring in humanities if necessary.
I look forward to working together, I hope to see you soon! J
Communicating with older people is very important to me, I love when two generations meet and talk openly. I meet with my grandparents every weekend, keeping in touch is very important to me and that they know they can count on me. I believe that wherever possible we should help each other to turn to each other with understanding and love. I would love to be able to help the older generation with my work.